Traditional Indian Restaurant and Takeaway on Massetts Road, Horley

Curry Inn is a popular traditional Indian restaurant and takeaway at 5-6 Massetts Road, Horley, Surrey RH6 7PP, serving near Burstow, Smallfield, Earlswood RH1, Copthorne RH10 & Lowfield Heath RH11 with free home delivery.

Welcome to Curry Inn, a culinary discovery for upcoming food enthusiasts that offers a wide array of delightful pleasures. When you step through our doors, the spicy fragrance wafting through the air makes you aware of the journey ahead.

Our menu is a vibrant depiction of our excellence – dishes that cater to all palates. You can start with our crispy Spicy Popadom, followed by a tender Tikka or a loaded Samosa. Tandoori Chicken, minced and marinated in a mixture of spices and cooked to perfection, is a Curry Inn must-try. The ‘Traditional Favourites’ section consists of rich and creamy Korma, spicy Bhuna and the fan-favourite Dhansak, which is a culinary perfection in its rights.

Our commitment to convenience is ensured through hassle-free online delivery through our order online portal. Get your delicious meals delivered to your home today, or get a reservation for a later date to enjoy a lovely dinner with your special ones! Whatever it may be, Curry Inn always ensures a good time!

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Why is Curry Inn the Best Indian Takeaway in Horley?

In the bustling town of Horley, the name Curry Inn is synonymous with authentic Indian cuisine. As the prime traditional Indian restaurant & takeaway in Horley , Curry Inn offers an experience beyond just food. What makes it stand apart? For starters, the genuine passion for crafting perfect dishes, each capturing the essence of India's diverse gastronomic landscape. When locals search for “the best curry restaurant near me” or crave some tantalising Indian food, Curry Inn is the name that resounds.

Curry Inn's popularity in Horley is not merely coincidental. It is built on a solid foundation of trust, quality, and unparalleled taste. This traditional Indian restaurant & takeaway in Horley combines tradition with innovation, offering dishes that satiate hunger and the soul. Curry Inn emerges as the beacon of culinary excellence for those on a perpetual quest to find the best curry restaurant in Horley. Their team's dedication reflects in every dish, making sure that when you think of Indian food near me, Curry Inn tops the list.

Every dish tells a story - from the robust flavours of the seekh kebab, meticulously grilled to perfection, to the lamb biryani, where each grain of rice dances in a symphony of spices and succulent lamb pieces. The tandoori chicken, marinated in yoghurt and spices, and then charred in a traditional clay oven, transports you to the rustic lanes of Punjab. Not to forget, their spicy poppadom offers a crispy prelude to a sumptuous meal, teasing and tantalising the taste buds.

Traditional Indian Food Delivery Point in Burstow

Burstow might seem unlikely for a culinary revolution, but with Curry Inn's presence, the town has become a hotspot for Indian food enthusiasts. Distinguished as the paramount traditional Indian food delivery point in Burstow, Curry Inn guarantees an authentic and memorable dining experience .

Beyond the standard menu many Indian restaurants offer, Curry Inn brings a slice of India's vast culinary diversity to Burstow. The essence of traditional cooking, combined with the freshest ingredients, results in dishes that speak volumes of the expertise behind them. Curry Inn has created a niche in Burstow, where global cuisine dots the culinary landscape. Every seekh kebab is a bite of heavenly spices, and the tandoori chicken showcases the mastery of the age-old tandoor cooking technique. The emphasis is not just on delivering food but on providing an emotion, a memory, and, most importantly, a piece of India's culinary heart. This makes Curry Inn the undisputed choice for many seeking authentic flavours.

Each dish, from the fiery seekh kebab to the rich lamb biryani, is prepared with the utmost care, ensuring that customers get an authentic taste of India. And for those who like a touch of smoky flavour, the tandoori chicken is a must-try. Add a side of spicy poppadom, and you're in for a treat. Precision cooking, timely delivery, and commitment to authenticity make Curry Inn the first choice for many in Burstow

Where Can I Get the Best Chicken Biryani Delivery?

When the craving for a rich and aromatic chicken biryani hits, there's only one name that promises satisfaction - Curry Inn. Revered by many as the pinnacle of biryani delivery, this establishment takes pride in its chicken biryani, a dish that's both a visual and sensory delight. Layered with flavorful rice, tender chicken pieces, and a blend of spices, the biryani is a testament to Curry Inn's culinary expertise. Each bite is a revelation whether you prefer it mild or with a spicy kick. Accompany it with a seekh kebab or tandoori chicken, and you're in for a royal feast. So, when it's biryani you seek, look no further. Curry Inn ensures that this iconic dish is just a call away, ready to satiate your cravings.

Biryani, a dish celebrated across India, finds its finest rendition at Curry Inn. The chefs understand the intricacies that go into preparing this layered delicacy. Meticulous attention to detail sets Curry Inn's chicken biryani apart. Every layer is a fusion of flavours, with perfectly marinated chicken pieces nestled between aromatic rice. It's a labour of love, a dish that requires patience and skill. Accompanied by a side of spicy poppadom or a succulent seekh kebab, it transforms into a meal fit for royalty. As you open the container, the aroma is bound to capture your senses, reassuring you that the decision to choose Curry Inn for the best chicken biryani delivery was perfect.

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